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In The Making (ITM) is a six month long dance programme, where youths including those at-risk or under financial assistance receive the chance to train under the close guidance of dedicated instructors. The programme culminates in a celebrated production on a mega-stage which showcases their talents and abilities.

ITM has been a yearly fixture since 2011, and through the years we have reached out to over 500 youths and touched an audience of over 7000. From our experiences during our earliest years, we have forged an inimitable identity through a production process that distinguishes us from the rest. The social objectives are the same, yet the impact grows ever stronger.



2017 - (Mess)age

'Turning every mess into a message'

Follow the voices of the youth as they navigate through the different challenges and their daily battles

2016 - Remember, the best time of our lives

A story revolving around a day in the lives of the residents of a retirement village 

2015 - True North

This year, we tell of an inquisitive quest of two sisters in search of worth, value & light. How will each decision possibly change their life?


Follow us as they journey towards their True North, as they fortify their beliefs in what they were and are meant to do.

2014 - Rose

The best use of life is love. The best expression of love is time. The best time to love is now. - Rick Warren


A story about time and about love. 

2013 - Extraordinary

From a perspective of a child about what a superhero possesses, he begins to see these traits in others close to him when they decide to go the extra mile and become extraordinary in his life.

2012 - The Little Matchgirl

The magic begins with a strike of a match stick

An endearing story about finding warmth in the cold.

A tale of finding cherish in times of poverty, and finding love in every corner of a dark reality.

2011 - In the making

Our Inaugural dance production portrays how ordinary people overcome obstacles and personal weaknesses in life through pursuit of their passion. This year’s production emphasis in on the struggles of our youth nowadays: balancing work, family, and personal life, struggling with acceptance and self esteem issues.