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  • Conducive class size: 5-6 participants

  • Emphasis on a safe and focused learning environment, with sufficient attention for each student.

  • Basic movements e.g. front and back rolls and cartwheels.

  • Intermediate tumbling e.g. handstands, and front and back handsprings. 

  • Progress to aerial tricks e.g. aerial cartwheels and back tucks.

  • Dynamic syllabus adapted for each group - comfortable and effective learning pace for all participants.

  • Conducted at our Pico Creative Centre studio

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Special Needs Dance Courses!

  • Conducive class size: 8-10 children

  • Flexible and dynamic curriculum ensures your child maximises their potential in this course.
  • Challenges and instills growth and discipline in students, while allowing them to experience the joy of dancing in a fun and exciting environment.

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Next term starts the week of 17 June

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Kid's Course

Distinct Creative Arts Showcase 2019 at Kinex with our very own students who enrolled in our Kid's and Teen's Course! 

Courses are categorised under age groups and gender. For more information on our courses, do refer to the above details or drop us an email!